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Live auction - 511981 - 5 Piastres FRENCH INDOCHINA 1927 P.049b

5 Piastres FRENCH INDOCHINA  1927 P.049b UNC
5 Piastres FRENCH INDOCHINA  1927 P.049b UNC5 Piastres FRENCH INDOCHINA  1927 P.049b UNC
得先注册又得到批准才可以报价。为了报价注册. 客户应该得到公司允许,那种过程需要 48 个小时。别等出售结束那一天才登记。您报价的话等于您赞成买那物品,而且按« 保价 » 证明您接受 cgb.fr 因特网拍卖使用法. 报价时只可以出全数值欧元总额。物品描述也说明销售结束时间,结束后出价都不会生效。 报价命令转达有时变动,等到最后秒钟增加否决的可能会。想多了解的话请注意 因特网拍卖常问

起拍价 : 900 €
估算 : 1 800 €
价格 : 4 700 €
最高出价 : 5 200 €
拍卖结束日期 : 21 May 2024 18:37:10
竞拍人 : 5 竞拍人
面值 5 Piastres
日期: (1927-1931)
年代/省份/银行 Banque de l'Indochine
商品目录中的项代码 P.049b
字母表、套、 W.523 n°305
签名 Simon, Thion de la Chaume
品相说明 Infime trace en marge, état exceptionnel



French Indochina is part of the former French colonial empire, creation of the colonial administration, bringing together several territories: the protectorates of Tonkin and Annam and the colony of Cochinchina, grouped together from 1949 within the State of Vietnam, the French Protectorate of Laos and the French Protectorate of Cambodia. The Indochinese Union is created by the union of different territories of Southeast Asia colonized or passed under French protectorate during the 19th century. In the 20th century, the various Vietnamese independence movements gained in power: during the Second World War, the weakening of the metropolis and the occupation of Indochina by the Empire of Japan, put an end to the French colonial administration. March 9, 1945 (in July 1945 in Cochinchina). The power vacuum at the end of the war allows the Việt Minh, the Vietnamese independence movement led by the Indochinese Communist Party, to take over the north of the country. Attempts to reconcile and reform the status of Indochina failed and resulted in the Indochina War in 1946.. Faced with the political and military stalemate, France had to resolve to abandon Indochina, whose Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian components saw their independence recognized by the Geneva Accords of 1954, which also formalized the partition of Vietnam, like the wanted the Americans and the Chinese.

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