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Live auction - 4310304 - 500 Francs Spécimen GUADELOUPE 1945 P.25s

500 Francs Spécimen GUADELOUPE  1945 P.25s UNC
500 Francs Spécimen GUADELOUPE  1945 P.25s UNC500 Francs Spécimen GUADELOUPE  1945 P.25s UNC
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估算 : 2 200 €
价格 : 没有出价
最高出价 : 没有出价
拍卖结束日期 : 02 July 2019 16:52:30
面值 500 Francs Spécimen
日期: (1945)
年代/省份/银行 Banque de la Guadeloupe
商品目录中的项代码 P.25s
其它参考码 K.119.SP.1
字母表、套、 Série A1 n°000
质量 PMG 66EPQ


Trois surcharges SPÉCIMEN en rouge à l'emplacement des signatures au recto et surchargé SPÉCIMEN deux fois au verso.



The Guadeloupe was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. Occupied by the French in 1636, Colbert acquired it in 1664 and conceded to the West India Company. The Guadeloupe becomes a Crown Colony in 1674 and was repeatedly occupied by the British between 1756 and 1802. Returned to France by the Peace of Amiens in 1802, it was again occupied in 1810 and remained French until 1813, when she was exchanged Sweden. Returned to France by the Treaty of Paris in 1814 and 1815, it was not recovered by the royal power in 1816.

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