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E-auction 486-397006 - bga_734062 - GALLIA - CARNUTES (Area of the Beauce) Bronze “aux oiseaux et au serpent”

GALLIA - CARNUTES (Area of the Beauce) Bronze “aux oiseaux et au serpent” VF/VF
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估算 : 40 €
价格 : 31 €
最高出价 : 33 €
拍卖结束日期 : 08 August 2022 14:10:30
竞拍人 : 9 竞拍人
种类 Bronze “aux oiseaux et au serpent”
日期: Ier siècle avant J.-C.
铸币厂名称/城市 Chartres (28)
材质 bronze
直径 14 mm
模子方针 1 h.
重量 1,86 g.
稀少度 R1
Monnaie frappée sur un flan ovale, joli revers. Patine verte
出版目录中的项代码 :


正面的说明书 Tête à droite, la chevelure schématisée en quatre mèches ondulées qui encadrent le visage et aux extrémités triangulaires globulées, grènetis.


背面的说明书 Aigle attaquant un serpent à droite ; sous l'aigle, un alérion ; l'aigle est accosté d'un pentagramme et d'une croisette bouletée ornée de globules.


Carnutes (Beauce Region)

(Second - first century BC)

The Carnutes was one of the most important and most powerful nations of independent Gaul. Their territory stretched between the Loire and the Seine Orleans, Blois and Chartres the countries to Mantes, that is to say, most of the current departments of Loiret, Loir-et-Cher and Eure-et-Loir and part of the Yvelines. Economic center was located Genabum (Orléans), but their main oppidum seems to have been Autricum (Chartres). They have participated in the legendary expedition to Italy Bellovesus. They formed the geographical center of Gaul, and long before the beginning of the Gallic Wars, Roman merchants knew the path Genabum (Orléans), while a large shopping center. The Carnutes were also known for their forest where stood the annual meeting of the Druids. At the beginning of the war, Caesar had wintered in Carnutes in 57 before J. C-. and had established himself as king Tasgetios who was assassinated in 54 before J. C-. The following year, they submit to the top 52 but before J. C-. They may be the cause of the revolt that will lift the whole of Gaul. It is possible that the conspirators found themselves in a druidic assembly. The Carnutes massacred settlers and Roman merchants Genabum (Orléans) led by Cotuatos and Conconnétodumnos. Caesar besieged the city he took, pillaged and burned, marking the beginning of hostilities. The Carnutes then furnished a contingent of twelve thousand men to the relief army to clear Alesia. After the fall of Vercingetorix, the following year, the Romans carried out a new campaign of pacification and punish the murderers of Caesar in the previous year. Caesar (BG. II. 35, V 25, 29, 56, VI, 2-4, 13, 44; VII. 2, 3, 11, 75; VIII. 4, 5, 31, 38, 46). Strabo (G. IV, 2, 3) Livy (HR. V, 34). Ptolemy (G. II, 8). Kruta: 68, 187, 334.

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